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To distinguish between true and false Blood Pressure Cuff

Publisher:anylink     Browse Quantity:    Date:2014-02-17

 Given that the market recently have a lot of 10 yuanRMB of the blood pressure cuff, and similar products, to avoid you cheated, do the following tips:

Athe material aspect
1, the cheapest internal capsule is made of EVA material, characteristic is very stiff, soft feel, after filling in extrusion of inelastic;Affect the precision and accuracy of blood pressure test;
2, the second in some internal capsule is made of latex, characteristic is softer than EVA, usually color is black majority;Just produced, very smelly, and surface is very small dust particles, imperceptible to the naked eye, weak in the field of medical products, use is banned in the EU and US market;
3, some internal capsule is made of PVC material, characteristic is softer than EVA handle, but is harder than latex, the inflatable elastic is not very good, after extruding PVC also don't resistance to bending, unable to withstand the hospital long-term tensile and flexural folding use, easy to burst;Not resistant to high and low temperature, especially in low temperature conditions when using easy to crack, usually not long service life;
4, the best internal capsule is made of import TPU, high tensile, bending fold, in line with the characteristics of biological intermiscibility, high and low temperature resistance, good sealing, texture soft, elasticity is very good, inflatable can still normal use after extrusion using ten thousand times (the rest of the domestic TPU or recycled materials are short of the requirements!);
5, the outer cloth is divided into ordinary and two kinds of PU leather waterproof, at the same time the thickness of the PU leather and feel is also has the difference on quality;
6, a lot of small processing plants, disposable cuff in under the condition of disinfection and sterilization is not direct shipment.
7, the joint of cuff and trachea unstable, use after a period of time will be flat, many with PVC pipe, good quality with TPU and silicone tube;
8, the strength of the suture line is not enough, stitching process density is too loose, it will affect the service life of the product.
9, Velcro viscous force is also an important factor, quality check surface/wool surface after the opening and closing ten thousand times still can normal use;Poor quality of the Velcro in use after a period of time will appear fluff, adhesion force is too tight or adhesion quality anomalies, will seriously affect the results of blood pressure test;Leading to misjudgment of the patient condition!
B: the test
Many small processing workshop don't spend money to buy pressure and high precision test instrument, and absolutely nothing to finished product testing, just don't even for simple sampling sampling observation is direct shipment, so for the test precision of the final product cannot guarantee!Not batch of products more than ten thousand times of mechanical fatigue and pressure, the blowout and other test!For the hidden trouble of the product performance is the devil!Identification (for more details please consult our sales and engineering design personnel).

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