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Identification of the quality of Suction ECG Electrodes and Limb Clamp ECG Electrodes

Publisher:anylink     Browse Quantity:    Date:2018-11-02

Identification of the quality of Suction ECG Electrodes and Limb Clamp ECG Electrodes


In recent years, the market for ECG chest Suction ECG Electrodes and Limb Clamp ECG Electrodes products have been messed up by the profit-seekers, with silver sulfide as a silver chloride product. After more than 10 years continuous improvement, the silver chloride process has passed the qualification rate from less than 60% to today's 95% or more. Our company has invested a lot of manpower and financial resources, now will inform the majority of customers about the situation: The main difference between silver chloride and silver sulfide:


1、 The surface color is basically the same. But the coloring of silver chloride plating process is by powered up, while the coloring of silver sulfide is by soaking not by powered up.

2、 The coloring of silver sulfide is by soaking in potassium sulfide. The silver soaked in potassium sulfide will have the toxicity of potassium sulfide on it, while silver chloride is electroplated of silver and chlorine by electric.

3、 Silver chloride and silver sulfide also differ in signal acquisition. The signal acquisition of silver chloride is stronger than silver sulfide.

4、 Some substrates for inferior products are made of iron or stainless steel, and the surface is then plated with nickel or silver sulfide. The identification method is by magnet absorption, the nickel-plated surface is generally white. These substrates are easy to rust, the signal acquisition ability is weak, and unstable, which may cause medical workers to misjudge the patient's condition and bring immeasurable losses to both doctors and patients! ! !

5、 Replace the biocompatible silicone suck ball with an ordinary rubber ball. After using it for many times, the suck ball will have no suction and resilience.


The base material of our company's product is made of pure copper. The surface is black silver chloride, no rust and with strong signal transmission. All materials have passed the SGS test report, and many customers have done bio-compatibility testing (Cytotoxicity test) themselves, to achieve 100% pass the test!

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