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The distinguish between true and false SpO2 Sensor and ECG Cable with Leadwires

Publisher:admin     Browse Quantity:    Date:2013-12-23

  There are many on the market in view of the recent 5-6 USD SpO2 Sensor and ECG Cable with Leadwires, etc., in order to avoid being taken in everyone, especially to do the following tips:
First——the materials:
1、 low-priced products are used outside wire rubber mostly PVC, PVC drawback is not soft, human contact with the patient after feeling uncomfortable; PVC also intolerant bent, unable to withstand the tensile hospital long, grinding and flexural use;
2、PVC is not high temperature, the hospital can not be high-temperature sterilization, or line of skin and plugs are aging, cracking and electrical performance degradation;
3、PVC is not oil, intolerant hydrolysis in the hospital for alcohol wipe will appear after disinfection or wire sheath cracking phenomenon, which appears serious safety hazards and electrical adverse!
4、TPU aspects: TPU scientific name is elastic polyurethane, TPU is the best number for the Hengsi Mai 4766, with high temperatures, low cold resistance, oil resistance, hydrolysis resistance, high temperature steam sterilization, ultra-soft, high- tensile strength, flexural, compliance biocompatibility characteristics, the rest are lower than domestic TPU these requirements. In particular, the part in contact with the human body, in accordance with international standards must be "consistent with biocompatibility," but many manufacturers are unable to provide such a test report! Almost all of the domestic TPU or cheap to substitute recycled materials!
5、some with wire bare copper conductor (no antioxidant), or use tinned copper, very crisp, no toughness, unable to meet the hospital long-term use of high-temperature steam sterilization, ultra-soft, high tensile strength, flexural Fold and other special requirements; conductor used for some time will cause breakage or part of the fracture is bad or the monitor displays "probe off"; heart wires no waveform or waveform is not normal, printer garbled and other faults.
6、the optical element (chip), many manufacturers use a disposable product made or used for the optical element, there will be about three months with no transmitted signal or the received signal without failure, or cause the monitor test accuracy and can not be allowed to test the consequences of use (specific resolution method, please contact our sales staff).
7、the use of poor quality, low resistance or without discharge, resulting in defibrillation defibrillation products failed to reach the required or when there is a high current comeback directly when the patient died of electric shock!
Second:the processing time without making any shielding, anti-jamming technology, directly to the copper foil shield cut or package, the product used without or weaken anti-interference function, resulting in test accuracy are not allowed to work or interfere with the instrument. (Identification method can cut observation)
Third——the test:

Many small processing workshop would not have to spend huge sums of money to buy a variety of brands and models of monitors for the finished product end-use testing, only a simple test with a multimeter various contacts are turned on direct shipping, so for the final product can not guarantee the accuracy of the test! Will not carry high voltage test and insulation resistance test! Electrical properties of the risks of the product is no end of trouble!
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