Name:Medical Collagen Sponge Absorbable collagen sponge



1 Abosorbable

2 Biodegradable

3 Biocompatible

4 Non-antigenic

5 ISO13485,CE certificates

Composition:Collagen (intact triple helix structure, biological activity and the molecular weight is above 100,000 daltons.)


The Medical Collagen Sponge is made of atelocollagen, to minimize antigenicity, which is crosslinked by heat treatment for biocompatibility. Its porous sponge structure can absorb the blood and wound secretions, and to promote platelet aggregation, effectively help the wound to stop bleeding. It can stop bleeding effectively, promote lacking tissue recover, shorten healing time and minimize scar. The collagen content is more than 98.5%.

Intended use:

It is widely used in many surgery procedures.

Ø Hemostatic effect: by activating platelets, factor and anti-fibrinolytic system to play its role in hemostasis.

Ø Filling defects: This product has the role of water swelling, for all of the residual cavity surgery can be populated with the goods, from filling the role.

Ø Repairing effect: by inducing fibroblasts and epithelial cell regeneration, promoting wound repair. The product can be degraded and absorbed by itself.


1,Do not use in intravascular compartments because of the risk of embolization.

2,Do not use in arterial hemorrhage.

3,Do not use in patients with known allergies to collagen.


Specification Model HM-I Length(mm) Basic Size Width(mm) Basic Size Height(mm) Basic Size Thick 250 80 5 122.5 80 5 120 80 5 120 40 3 80 62.5 3 50 50 5 50 25 25 25 25 10 Thin 50 50 2 50 25 25 25 50 50 1 50 25 25 25 25 10 Cylinder Diameter(mm) Height(mm) / 8.5 30 5 20

Kindly Reminder!

The collagen of BIOT is different from the similar products in the current market--other hydrolyzed collagen protein and gelatin. SDS-PAGE as below:

Collagen Outstanding Quality Contrast Table

BIOT’S Collagen (Medical Grade) Other Hydrolyzed Collagen Gelatin Properties 1,Intact triple helix structure; 2,Internolecular crosslink; 3,High biological activities. 1,No triple helix structure; 2,No internolecular crosslink; 3,Low biological activities. 1,Heterogeneous mixture of single or multistranded polypeptides; 2,No triple helix structure; 3,No biological activities. Application Bio-medical material for medical and biomaterial, Cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries use. For bandage and common cosmetic ingredient use. For food and cosmetic foundation use

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