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Name:Vaginal Probe Electrode Rectal anal electrode probe for female woman urinary incontinence therapy

for EMG Biofeedback and Pelvic Floor Muscle Stimulation are made with high quality stainless steel and ABS. We supply various types of design in vertical, two rings or three rings electrodes for vaginal or rectal stimulation. Smooth shape, long lead wires are very easy to clean and use. Many of them have adjustable length, which is a great benefit. Wide range of options for connectors are available to fit different type of equipments. Private design is acceptable by order.


A. Prevent or reduce pelvic floor problems.

B. Increase sexual satisfaction.

C. Treat vaginal, uterine, and bowel prolapses (depending on severity of symptoms)

D. Help strengthen muscles that have become weakened following childbirth, hernia operations or hysterectomies.

E. Improve pelvic muscle strength and blood supply.

F. Improve intimate sensation.

G. Improve control and flatter tummy.

H. strong vaginal walls and grest sex life for your both.

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